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I have 15 years of experience in working in television, independent documentary and short video production, mostly as an editor, motion graphics designer and cameraman.

My constant desire for learning and improving my skill set has made me proficient with a variety of industry-standard software and hardware. Troubleshooting and resolving complex technical and workflow issues are challenges that I readily take on.

I share my skills whenever possible. I give introductory hands on workshops to individuals and small groups on short video and documentary production, with focus on use of camera, sound equipment and post-production softwares.

I am a meticulous and detail-oriented person and I work well with directors and producers and autonomously, by myself.

I speak Serbian, English, French, and basic Spanish. I have worked on numerous projects involving over a dozen different languages.

I am co-founder of Trans & Sub Workers Cooperative, where I work as technician and English language spotter and subtitle quality controller.


No land, no food, no life (fr. "Sans terre, c'est la faim"), a feature documentary I edited in winter 2013, was a shortlisted for best documentary for prestigious Gémeaux / Gemini 2014 award.

The Carbon Rush, a feature documentary I co-edited and supervised the post-production of in 2011, is still being screened in film festivals across the world and has been broadcasted in numerous countries, amongst being Canada, Germany, Taiwan and Japan.

In St-Henri, on 26 August, where I was one of the unit directors of photography, has been screened on Air Canada flights and it is part of Netflix Canada catalog.

Myths for Profit: Canada's Role In Industries of War and Peace, first feature documentary I edited, has been screened 45 times during a 9 week cross Canada semi-theatrical director's tour, Spring 2009, as well as numerous film festivals and community screenings in Canada and internationally.

I was co-recipient of CBC / RCI Migr@tions award for my first documentary Outside of EUrope, that I co-directed and edited in 2007.


"Extremely focused, timely and skilled. Eager and creative. Very current and up to date skill set."

Eric Weissman, Client

"Boban is an extremely hard working, resourceful individual with a thirst to learn. He can handle very stressful conditions without having them affect his output. If he doesn't know something, he'll figure it out."

Paul Kell, Director at Paul Kell Productions


I recently got back from a an epic cycling trip from Vancouver, Canada to San Jose, Costa Rica. Looking for projects to get involved.


Do not hesitate to contact me about your project. I am always on the lookout for interesting projects and collaborators.